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Tree Service Offerings for the Midland and Orillia Areas

At  B&L Tree Service in Midland, we specialize in safety with a side of aesthetics. When when it comes to your home or business, we can blend these two things beautifully in order to make life a little easier, a little prettier, and a little safer. Getting an old stump removed from your property gives it a more uniform and beautiful look (and makes it a little easier to cut the grass of course). Ensuring your utility line is clear of nearby branches and trees means that you won’t lose power during the next storm, keeping you safe and cozy. If you’ve got an older tree leaning over your house, we can shore it up to help keep it from taking out your roof.

We operate out of Midland and Orillia but offer our services to residential and commercial clients across the Muskoka and Huronia areas. Our specialities include:

Tree Removal - Big or small, we’ll remove any troublesome trees you need gone.

Stump Removal - Is the tree long gone but the stump remains? We have the means to grind it down.

Tree and Hedge Trimming - If you’ve got a tree or hedge that’s gotten a little unruly and out of hand, we can trim it back to a more manageable and manicured look.

Debris Cleanup - Let us deal with big storm fallout so you don’t have to.

Brush Chipping - Once debris is cleared, we can take care of the chipping then you can use it again on beds and gardens or we can take it away.

Lot Clearing - Before you get building, let us clear the lot quickly and efficiently for you.

Utility Line Clearing - Keep your utilities flowing with the help of one of our qualified technicians.

Cabling and Bracing - Let us reinforce your trees so you don’t end up with bigger problems down the line.

Crane service for difficult tree removal is available so we can get you out of a tight spot safely.

Our Equipment

Whether your job is large or small, we’ve got the equipment to get it done well and get it done quickly. Our fleet includes two aerial trucks, two wood chippers, and a Bobcat with a wood chipper, log grapple, and a stump grinder.

Give us a call today to get a free estimate on the next job you need done.

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